5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Employee Absences

5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Employee Absences

When employees miss time at work, it can prove to be a rather expensive problem for the company. Every single time an employee misses work, productivity drops. Depending on their position, it might be able to be made up when they return. Other times, it has a drastic affect throughout the entire business.

That is exactly why it is important for heads of an office or the business owner themselves how to reduce the cost of employee absences. Sometimes it comes with simple tracking, other times it comes through spending a bit of money to improve overall well-being for employees. Whatever the issue, simply performing these five tasks should result in employee absences dropping.


Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Offering wellness programs within the office is an excellent way to cut down on employee absences. After all, healthy workers mean they are less likely to stay home. Additionally, it adds to the perks of someone obtaining the job. Added perks and benefits within an office make the job more attractive and help cut down on position turnover.

There are different kinds of wellness programs you may offer. It can range from a gym membership to exercise programs offered up within the building (such as spin, cardio and yoga programs). All of this is important to look into and is why you need to do consider bringing this kind of a program into the office.

Cut the Stress

Stress is a major reason why people become sick. It reduces someone’s immune system due to the stress levels, which makes them more susceptible to a cold or virus. It also makes them less likely to actually head into work because they simply want to avoid the stress all together. To do this you need to find ways to cut the stress within the work place. For starters, create an environment that is going to make employees feel good about themselves and make them feel comfortable inside of the work place.

This isn’t just staying on top of HR and making sure problems are avoided. You can actually talk with an interior designer or something who works with the layout of an office. Your office may just be too cluttered, which can add to stress. Bring in plant life, which is a proven factor in cutting stress levels. Also, simply ask your employees what is causing stress (this can be one on one so they do not feel like they are outing anyone or that they will be judged for what they are saying). You’ll be amazed as to some of the excellent ideas you receive.


Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

There is a major problem with vacation time and paid time off. Nearly 60 percent of all workers believe they are not receiving enough vacation time. Vacation time is important as it allows workers to break free for a little bit and just charge their work batteries. These few weeks off is going to improve their productivity when they return from vacation and it is also going to help them cut down on illness.

It is amazing what a bit of vacation time is able to do for someone and their personal well-being. So, the next time you are looking for a way to improve the health of workers and to actually cut down on unexpected sick days, offering more paid time off may just be it.


Return to Work

Return to Work

It can be tricky for individuals to return to work after suffering an injury or an illness. In fact, it is a fact that most employers are not doing anything to help their workers returning from a health related absence. It can be a struggle for individuals to get back on top of their work, which will just cause stress and facilitate other problems within the office.

So, offering some accommodations for the individuals in order to help is important. Knowing what the health problem is so it can be performed is a must though. While a day or two away for being sick might not require any sort of accommodations, if the problems lasted for longer than a few days, it is necessary to seek out this kind of help to offer employees.

Track Absences

Keeping track of employee absences is a must. In fact, most workers believe their companies are not tracking their absences, which means they are more likely to take sick days, even when they are not sick. Additionally, it is necessary to track how it affects the business and, more importantly to the workers, the individuals around them.

If they know it is bringing down the business and affecting their fellow employees, they will be less likely to take sick days when they are not actually sick. All of this can go a long way in boosting productivity and help your office cut employee absences.

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